This is How You Write a Winning Personal Statement to Get into an Arts College

Time flies, doesn’t it? Just yesterday you were learning to cope with the pressures of junior high and now it is time to create one of the most important pieces of writing that will play a part in deciding your future. Still guessing? I am talking about writing a personal statement for college applications. A…


Are You Being a Supportive Parent to Your Aspiring Art Student?

For parents, there’s nothing worse than not providing your child the opportunity to become successful in the future. However, parents can sometimes have a different idea on what’s the best for their child. If you have reservations about your child wanting to become a college art student, then you must read this article to shed light on any doubts you have with the choice your child makes.

7 Things You Need to Do before Going to a National Portfolio Day

7 Things You Need to Know before Going to a National Portfolio Day

National Portfolio Day is an event held specifically for aspiring designers and visual artists who wish to pursue a professional career in the arts. They will have an opportunity to showcase their sample works to professionals from colleges ascribed by the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design (NASAD). The event is a chance…

How Humility Can Prepare You for Optimal Learning in the Arts this Fall

How Humility Can Prepare You for Optimal Learning in the Arts this Fall

Congratulations – You’ve been accepted into an arts program! You certainly deserve to feel fantastic; it’s quite a feat to get accepted into the best arts colleges. There are some things to bear in mind however in order to maximize your learning this fall. Read on to find out one common pitfall to avoid… A common downfall…