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More Drawing and Painting Tips for the Struggling Artist

For an artist to become successful, s/he must understand the principles behind a great artwork. Learning the artistry of creating each stroke of a brush or a mark of a pencil will allow them to unlock their true potentials not only as an artist, but as a lover of the arts. If you want to improve your…

FREE Drawing Exercise from the Drawn to Success E-Book

FREE Drawing Exercise from the Drawn to Success E-Book!

Drawing is arguably the most important skill that high school students must develop and master in order to study art and design in college. Knowledge in how to draw well gives you a better understanding on how art and design works in different levels. For students in need of drawing lessons to improve the artworks to be…

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Introducing the All-New and Improved PortPrep Blog!

The PortPrep Blog has helped people with making their art portfolios for college admissions last year. This year, however, “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot wants to reach out to more students who are having problems with their portfolios. This is why we at PortPrep have made the blog even better by categorizing all the articles according to topic!