Do You Really Know How To Make An Art Portfolio For College

Do You Really Know How To Make A College Art Portfolio?

For college applicants, your art portfolio bears the most weight when your application is screened by college professors. Therefore, you must ensure that you follow the best practices on how to present the artworks in your portfolio if you’re serious in becoming an art student.

If you feel confident about your knowledge on how to make an art portfolio that will get you accepted into college, then we’d like to challenge you by trying out our quiz!

Preparing for College - Portfolio Preparation with Karen Kesteloot

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Are you an aspiring student who want to get into college? Are you currently an art student and are in need of extra income to support your finances? Then we have an co-op position opening for you! “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot is looking for talented and hard-working people who are willing help…

The key to becoming a great artist is to learn how to choose a college where you can sharpen your skills. Learn the art of choosing a college in this post.

How to Choose a College Where You’ll be a Successful Art Student

For high school seniors, one of the concerns you’ll have to deal with is the problem of choosing a college to apply to soon. Given the number of art and design programs – not to mention the colleges and universities – to choose from, students will have their hands full this years. That’s not even…

Receive Play by Play Calls to Success from an Art Coach

Receive Play by Play Calls to Success from an Art Coach

Professional athletes are some of the most profitable people in the world. They are at the top of their level not because they simply have talent. All the talent in the world won’t amount to anything if not honed, cultivated, and put into good use. This is where coaches come in. Aside from drawing up…

How to Deal With Rejection Like a BOSS

How to Deal with Rejection like a BOSS

Rejection, as bad as it feels, is a necessary evil that even the best people have to undergo and experience. This is most evident among high students who applied to different art and design programs but received rejection letters from colleges and universities. Despite sleepless nights of making your art portfolio for college and studying diligently…

Make Better Artworks by Following These Drawing Advice

Make Better Artworks by Following These Drawing Advice

Drawing is an essential skill that students who plan on applying to college must study and master. Even those who mostly use computer to create their works are highly encouraged to learn all there is to learn about drawing. There’s a really simple explanation for this – concepts and principles involved in drawing are universal in art. For…

Yukon Order of Pioneers, Discovery Day, August 17, 1913.

Discover Your Golden Artistic Skills Today!

Today marks the discovery of both Newfoundland in 1497 by John Cabot and gold that paved way for the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896. Discovery Day is celebrated in Yukon and Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, but we’d also want to celebrate it our own way by asking you these questions: Are you a high school student with a…

9 Awesome Resources on How to Get into Art College

9 Awesome Resources on How to Get into Art College

Just like in life, there is no secret on how to get into art college. In fact, the real answers to that question are hard work, determination to succeed, and passion in the arts. You will have to spend countless hours and sleepless nights in perfecting your skills and creating artworks to submit as part of your college application.…