10 Best Art Portfolios by Industrial Design Students

The next big product in the market is not necessarily determined by the consumer alone. At times, an industrial designer has a hand in making easy-to-use, attractive, and useful products that people can use everyday. If you want to design products in the future, then you need to become one of industrial design students in college. To become one, however, you also need to showcase your creativity in your art portfolio.

Admission Insider's Review of National Portfolio Day 2013 at OCAD U

Admission Insider’s Review of National Portfolio Day 2013 at OCAD U

This past November 9, 2013, OCAD U held its National Portfolio Day, where aspiring students can get their art portfolios reviewed for free by professors from different colleges. On the same day, Admission Insider, a.k.a. Karen Kesteloot, was present near the event to host her own FREE portfolio review at Karine’s Vegan Restaurant. The day…