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How to Overcome Fear of Failure as an Artist? Just Keep Doing What You Love

Fear paralyzes people on their way to success. For artists, there is this fear of having no buyers for their artworks and struggling to make ends meet. While some would be overwhelmed by the pressure and choose a different profession instead, a true artist embraces the possibility of failure and the other challenges ahead. Because in order to learn how to overcome fear of failure, an artist must accept it as part of the progress towards success.

A Guide to Charcoal Drawings

A Guide to Charcoal Drawings

Using the right tools and doing the right technique is important in charcoal drawings. This tutorial post aims to educate students about the best types of charcoal used for drawing, as well as the best practices on how to make the most out of your drawings so you can include them in your art portfolio in college!

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10 Best Art Portfolios by Fine Art Students

To get into arts college, you must submit a fine art portfolio that showcases your skills and potential. If you’re stumped in making one, PortPrep features some of the best portfolios from Behance made by former and current fine art students.

how to draw animals

[Tutorial Tuesday] How to Draw Animals with @KarenKesteloot

Learning how to draw animals is highly dependent on the kind of animal you wish to draw. However, here are important guidelines you need to follow when drawing any kind of animal: Draw series of overlapping ovals. Start with the largest parts of the animal’s body and work your way down to the smallest. The outside contour…

As Told by Art Teachers College Interview Questions Students Should Prepare For

As Told by Art Teachers: College Interview Questions Students Should Prepare For

Nothing can really prepare you for the college interview questions professors will be throwing your way. Every professor has their set of questions to evaluate whether or not you are eligible for acceptance. Nonentheless, it’s best to at least have an idea about the college interview questions teachers are most likely to ask. PortPrep reached…

Karen's Still Life Drawing Tips for Your Art Portfolio1

Karen’s Still Life Drawing Tips for Your Art Portfolio [FREE Tutorial Video]

Through the years, Karen Kesteloot has helped countless students get into the art or design program of their choice by improving their art portfolios. Her coaching services are aimed to prepare the portfolios of students for submission to the best colleges. As of writing, she has a 100% acceptance rate – all of the students she…

How to Manage Your Time as an Art Student

How to Manage Your Time as an Art Student

Getting into college requires you to learn how to manage your time. You won’t survive studying art or design if you do not have a time management plan in place. Having one will allow you to schedule your time more appropriately to tasks that need your immediate attention. By following your plan , you can…

How an Artist with Bipolar Disorder Overcame Her Disabilities and Found Success

How a Bipolar Artist Overcame Her Disabilities and Found Success

In this post, we have the privilege to introduce to you Elaine Asplind Russell, a professional artist who overcame her disability and has carved a niche for herself in the art industry. Below is her words of wisdom on how she used art as a platform to showcase her skills and to empower art students…