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Known as “The Admission Insider,” Karen has been helping high school students achieve their dreams of getting into the best art and design programs in college through her coaching services at PortPrep. She does this by improving their skills involved in creating better art works that will be included in their portfolio and submitted as part of their college application.

Karen also graduated with a diploma in Commercial Interior Design and a Degree in Fine Art. She also holds several certificates of Adult Education and various arts.

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Karen has over 15 years teaching experience in both the adult interest art field and applied arts at community colleges. Karen taught at Sheridan College for 6 years in Illustration, Crafts and Design, Interior Design and Merchandising.

Karen reviewed portfolio submissions to the Illustration Program at Sheridan College with a senior professor and learned what is required to create a winning portfolio. She also learned that most high school students’ submissions were poorly presented. Karen teaches students how to prepare proper portfolios that colleges are looking for. Every student she has taught privately has been accepted into their program of choice.

Karen’s professional design career focused on international shopping centre design, retail design and residential interiors. Karen has worked for Design International & Cadillac Fairview in Toronto, Ontario, and Design Architectural in Paris, France. She spent more than 10 years in the residential design field in freelance home design and interior furnishings and finishes decoration.

Karen ran an architectural illustration business for 6 years and has a solid understanding of various perspective drawing and rendering techniques to pass along to her students.

Experts Weigh in on PortPrep

“Karen, you are doing an amazing thing. I believe it is our duty to pass on our knowledge, experience and passion to the next generation. To inspire. I have always believed that if I can inspire just one person in my life, I would be satisfied. You inspire a multitude…Thank you for doing so much for so many.”

Mark McKoy

Winner of 110 metres hurdles at the 1992 Summer Olympics

What Karen does is make sure that your child gets into the best colleges, because in the best college, the only people around your children are gonna be extraordinarily powerful influencers, people who will be gonna be with them for the rest of their lives…It’s important to develop the life skills, and you get the best education and the best life skills at the best college that your child can get into, and Karen knows how to do that.

Raymond Aaron

Branding expert and New York Times bestselling author

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Karen has received several awards for high academic standing from each of the secondary and post secondary institutions she attended. Karen has worked in design and studied art and perspective in Paris, Florence and Berlin. Her career has a wide scope in addition to the above noted disciplines she also has experience as a fine art painter and sculptor, ceramic and textiles artist, faux finisher and decorative artist, wood worker and home renovator. Karen has an interest in fashion design, photography and music. She currently works as a fine artist and art instructor in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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