PortPrep Vision Statement

At first brush, PortPrep’s mission is to provide expert advice and support for art and design students at a pivotal and stressful moment in their lives. Our goal is to build the skill level and creative output of students to a higher level so that they can get accepted into the best programs in their chosen field. We take our 100% success rate as seriously as we take our students’ goals. We provide the specialized training, know-how and creative thinking skills that high schools often cannot provide in great enough depth to get students accepted into competitive arts programs. At PortPrep we know how deeply creative people yearn for careers doing what they are passionate about and how challenging that can be. We aim to build the confidence of young artists and designers and set them up with the determination and motivation they’ll need to succeed in their chosen careers. But our founder, Karen Kesteloot being a passionate artist herself, feels an even deeper calling than just the normal practical goals as an effective portfolio coach.

A personal statement from our founder…

I am continually impressed and surprised by how many young design and art students want to use their love of the arts help build a better world. Young people today are remarkably aware that better solutions are needed for the planet and show a desire to make a positive impact on the world through their future creative careers.

Making a Positive Impact on the World

I feel it is an honour to assist these students in their ability to pursue their goals by helping them get in the front door of higher places of learning to gain the skills they need to solve some of the world’s problems.

Artists are an Integral Part of Society

I believe artists and designers are an integral part of society. I don’t see artists as being on the fringe as others might. To me, they are at the forefront of social change and are the innovators of ideas that bring needed changes to humanity. Artists provide a mirror for society to see itself more clearly.

Art and Design Contribute to Robust Economies and Innovative Solutions for Living

Artists and designers are the visionaries and leaders of humanity’s future. It is they whom inspire and shape society’s view points and portray the visual world. Indeed designers control the images we see all around us. They leave us compelled to take the action they suggest thereby helping communicate and create robust economies.

Our Lives are Enriched by Art, Design and Entertainment

Artists create the imaginary worlds in which we lose ourselves in our desire for entertainment. They inspire us to new heights and force us to face our deepest darkness. They fashion the clothes we protect ourselves with and permit us to express to what extent we wish to either conform to or stand out from our society. They help us extend our sense of self into our interior spaces and create homes in which to raise our hopes and families. Architects build the environment in which we dwell allowing society to congregate to build civilizations. They rebuild what the evils of war and terrorism tear down in an attempt for a fresh start to protect and provide space in which to thrive. I believe artists play a central role in the creative scene of life.

My Supportive Role

One of the ways that I can best serve the future of mankind is to support new artists and designers in achieving their goals to develop their skills. One of my gifts as an art teacher is to empower students to find their strongest ideas and state their mission via their creative works. Another gift I share with students is the ability to develop their portfolio skills in a remarkably short period of time which is why PortPrep still holds our 100% track record.

Why I Love My Work

I know what is needed to get accepted and how to bring it out of students quickly; bottom line is– it works every time. We have a 100% acceptance rate. But what I love so much about it is not just witnessing the excitement and the delight my students express when they hear the news of their acceptance, but also the knowledge that I have helped them embark on their life’s calling.

Creativity is at the Core of Our Well Being

For artists and designers our work is synonymous with who we are. What we do is an inseparable part of our core being; our being is our doing and vice versa. We need to follow the call in our hearts and souls to fulfill ourselves as creative beings. And we need this as much for our well-being as we all need it the for the world’s.

Building Student Success is fulfilling

I take counselling young artists very seriously because I understand how deeply this calling can be felt,it can feel paramount to a spiritual calling like that of a minister, monk or healer. It is an honour to help young people begin their lives on a strong note or aid older students in their transition to follow their life’s dream. There have been several students who have recovered from their depression and felt elated and fulfilled by being helped into their dream college. That’s what makes this work so fulfilling for me.

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