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Sign up for this years Summer Art and Animation Portfolio Camp. You'll learn all the fundamental skills you need to prepare for a career in the arts and be able to make a strong portfolio with the power to get you accepted into your dream school.

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So PortPrep in collaboration with Garth Laidlaw's Art Camp created a solution for you...

The Drawn to Success Portfolio Building Boot Camp

The Art Camp for Arts Students Serious about Success!

"The Admission Insider" and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot, in conjunction with local artist Garth Laidlaw will be running a summer course to help you get into the art college of your dreams. Each instructor will be teaching a number of courses to help you succeed in creating a great portfolio that will ensure your success.

Karen Kesteloot

the Admissions Insider PortPrep Head Instructor

Garth Laidlaw

PortPrep Animation Specialist

Come Study With US This Summer

Wonder what it's like to study with Garth and Karen?

Becky got accepted into her dream animation program at Sheridan College after taking their winter workshops .Here’s what Becky had to say about their teaching:

"I thought you two should be among the first to know I was accepted into the Animation Program for fall 2015!

As hard as I worked on my portfolio, I absolutely owe this acceptance to the two of you. My improvement over the last two months has been unbelievable, and there is no doubt in my mind that I would be where I am with my skills had it not been for your mentoring.

I can still remember my first assessment with Karen in December 2014- she told me that, at the skill level I was at, I was about two years away from getting into the program. And now, here I am, four months later accepted on my first try.

It's absolutely surreal, and I'm still having trouble believing it, but I wanted to make sure one of the first things I did was thank the two of you. Thank you so much for the time and effort you invested in me. I can't say enough times how grateful I am."

Summer Art and Animation Portfolio Camp July 25 to Aug 9

Come join us for 2 weeks of intensive learning and creative fun at PortPrep Studios
Classroom in the Necessary Arts Company in Guelph Ontario Canada

Topics taught are geared specifically towards required portfolio pieces for animation portfolios, illustration, graphics and architectural design portfolios in particular but all visual arts are welcome. We tailor make our programs to the students who attend.

Sign up for the full two weeks, or for just a few days; It's flexible to suit your schedule. There is a selection of time slots and instructors to choose from.

Camp Schedule:

Weekday Camp Schedule:

Classes Run Tues to Fri
Morning Class 9am-12 noon
Afternoon Class 1pm-4:30pm
Evening Class 6-9pm (runs Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Fri)

Weekday Camp Schedule:

Classes Run Tues to Fri
Morning Class 9am-12 noon
Afternoon Class 1pm-4:30pm
Evening Class 6-9pm (runs Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Fri)

Summer Art Camp Fees:

We made it simple!
Each session is the same cost: $175 per section

Here's how it works:

Weekday sessions are 4 days long and cost $175 per time of day section Weekend Sessions are 2 days long and also cost $175 Select which time of day you want to attend and what you want to study. Sign up for morning, afternoon or evening or any combination of those three times. Each session section; morning, afternoon or evening costs the same low fee of $175 Sign up for as little as 4 days or as many as 12 days! Whatever suits you best.

When you sign up for 2 or more sessions you get free tutorial videos to take home with you to continue your learning.

Who's Teaching What?

Morning Class: guest artist instruction by top notch painters and illustrators Afternoon Class: Fundamentals of drawing, composition and media with Karen Kesteloot Evening Class: Animation and Character Design Basics with Garth Laidlaw Run Monday night and Wed to Fri Weekend Workshops: Subject Topics Like Portraiture, Perspective Drawing or Digital Painting Figure Drawing: Tues evenings and Sunday afternoons with Garth and/or Karen

Day Class Topics

Morning Sessions: with guest artists
Topics include these possible subject areas:

  • Portraiture with top illustrators and portrait painters
  • Proper painting process and media explorations
  • How to refine your drawing technique
  • Perspective drawing
  • How to draw hands

Afternoon Sessions: With Karen Kesteloot
Topics Include:

  • Drawing accuracy and methodology from 2D and 3D subject matter
  • Proper Sight Measuring technique
  • How to draw geometric objects in a structured and accurate process
  • How to compose an object based story and develop the before and after story effectively
  • How to set up hierarchy of line,edge and contrast to tell the visual story clearly
  • How to brainstorm creative ideas that will make your portfolio stand out
  • Line weight control and atmospheric perspective in a variety of media,
  • How to build and develop a drawing through searching, finding and refining with appropriate line structure and weights.
  • Fundamental approaches to animation and figure drawing
  • Perspective drawing
  • How to draw what we see accurately–how to master the use of our brain’s left and right hemispheres
  • Character Rotation from observation

Evening Class Topics

Evening Sessions: With Garth Laidlaw

  • Character Design
  • Character Expressions
  • Character Rotation
  • Story Boarding
  • Warping Perspective
  • Building an artistic routine that yields success in school and career
  • Character movement
  • Figure drawing fundamentals
  • Animation fundamentals
  • “Intro to Digital Drawing and Painting

How to Sign Up for Our Summer Camp

Fill the form above. After entering your name and email address, select the schedule/s you which to attend to, as well as the subject areas that you will be learn from the sessions you have chosen. You can also include additional messages that you want to clarify with us about our Summer Camp program.

Send the form. Upon sending it, expect to receive something from Karen within the next 24-48 hours to discuss your interests in our Summer Camp, as well as the mode of payment for your chosen courses.

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When you sign up for 2 or more sessions you get free tutorial videos to take home with you to continue your learning. Develop advanced drawing skills necessary to create your art portfolio for college Learn specific skills commonly applied by experienced and advanced animators in their works, thus giving you a distinct advantage as you go into an animation program in college Increase your chances of getting into, if not guarantee you a spot in, any art or design program of your choice!

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