What Are Colleges Looking For in Your Art Portfolio?

“What are colleges looking for from applicants?”This is a question asked a lot in this business. In this video, the “Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot gives her answer to this very question, as well things you should do for your art portfolio to increase your chances of getting into art college!

What to Include in Your Art Portfolio

Are You Applying to an Arts Program in College or University? This video tells you what to include.

What to Include in Your Art Portfolio

The “Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot looks at a student’s first draft portfolio for admissions to an Illustration program. In the video, Karen discusses what you, as an aspiring illustrator, need to include in your art portfolio – he talks about the importance of life drawing samples and “WOW” factors that you need to consider in your art portfolio.

SHSM Portfolio Presentations

Portprep’s Karen Kesteloot and Art Story’s Garth Laidlaw gave a presentation on creating and improving Art Portfolios to a group of Arts and Culture Specialist High Skills Major Students at the Wellington County Museum on April 15 2014. Hear snippets of the advice they shared with the students to help them reach their creative goals.

RISD Clara Lieu Interview Trailer | PortPrep

Attention all aspiring artists! The application season is almost over and you may need help preparing your portfolio for college. Watch this interview between Rhode Island School of Design teacher Clara Lieu and Karen Kesteloot of Portprep.

How to Become an Animator: Learn from a Pro!

students will be interested in seeing this interview with famous animator Mike L Murphy. Learn how to get into the colleges you want and how to tell if you need some extra help. See the Full interview here.

Can You Draw Well Enough to Get into Animation?

Are you worried you don’t draw well enough to get accepted into an Animation program in college? The Drawn To Success Portfolio Boot Camp teaches you how!! Listen to famous animator Mike L Murphy and these students explain why learning how to draw is so important to achieving your goal of having a career in animation.


Izzy and Andy PortPrep’s co-op students go on a mission at National Portfolio Day to make students feel at ease yet incredibly uncomfortable while anxiously awaiting the assessment of their portfolios. Watch their crazy antics as they entertain and inform the long line of cold dedicated students and parents. Students lined up for 4 hours to get a few minutes of advice from professors. PortPrep helped them pass the time with fun, helpful advice and cookies with hot coffee! Go cookies! Go pet monkeys! Go doors! OMG! GAWH! Check out the good news PortPrep shares with students.

Why Students Love Karen Kesteloot's Teaching

Are you feeling stressed about your art portfolio for college acceptance? Are you wondering if you should ask for help on your art portfolio from PortPrep’s instuctor Karen Kesteloot? Listen to why these students love her teaching.

Wayne Root on How to Get Into to Top Colleges from Harvard to CalArts

Wayne Allyn Root and Karen Kesteloot share how you can get accepted into top colleges from Harvard to CalArts. Learn how to ace the interview and get coached for college success here

The Creative Thought Process DIY Video Series Trailer

you stuck for ideas on your art portfolio for college? Ideas are what get you accepted into the best art and design programs. PortPrep’s DIY video series on how to develop creative ideas has the solution for you. Watch this trailer to learn more about it. Students who have used them or took Karen’s courses learned how to make strong works that ultimately got them accepted into art and design schools all over the world. Now you can be one of them!.

Drawn to Success Study Guide

Do you need to improve your drawing skills quickly so you can make a great art portfolio for college applications?

Get the Drawn to Success Study to learn how to draw in record time from the Admissions Insider Karen Kesteloot. If you want to study in any of the design or art professions drawing well is paramount.

You can learn quickly from PortPrep’s Drawn to Success Study Guide and get accepted into your dream college like so many of Karen’s students hav

What Should Aspiring Art Students Look for in a Campus Tour?

Karen Kesteloot of interviews Andy Bills, Vice President of Enrollment at High Point University. Mr. Bills discusses how parents and children can find the best art college by visiting the school with their children and experiencing what it’s like to be a student there. Watch the video for more suggestions!


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